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Manal Brings Moroccan Edge to Colors Studios

Written by FDM

Manal blew us away with her latest rendition of “3ari” at COLORS, the YouTube platform of COLORS Studios. Singing in the Moroccan dialect with a remarkable attire, Manal was sure to bring Morocco’s urban culture into the international limelight.

In the Moroccan artistic landscape, Manal Benchlikha a.k.a Manal stands out and proves her originality. The edgy singer shines with her grace, her musical style, and the theme of her songs that continue to push the lines without taboos.

As the first Moroccan/Arab pop act to perform at the Berlin-based studio, “Manal shares a moving rendition of her latest single ‘3ARI’, which originally dropped on International Women’s Day. Blending together reggaeton and Arabic percussion with fragile piano melodies and haunting strings, ‘3ARI’ tells “a sad but true story” about domestic violence in Morocco.” Reads the caption from the platform.

Fashion-wise, Manal did not disappoint. She wore a 100% vegan fur coat along with an Amazigh ethnic headpiece against an equally striking shade of Maroon as her backdrop. Talk about an impressive representation!

All colors, no genres. This is the vision of COLORS Studios, a unique aesthetic music platform showcasing exceptional talent from all around the globe —whether it be genre, language, gender, or geography. Manal was the first Moroccan act to feature on the platform, but why stop there? Tell us who’s the artist you’d like to see perform next?