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MaMiaM, finalist of the Med’innovant Africa 2020-2021 competition

Written by FDM

MaMiam, the young Moroccan brand that supports precarious women through the kitchen, has reached the finales of the Med’innovant Africa 2020-2021 competition which selects inspiring and talented African startups.

Although they didn’t win, MaMiam reached the final stages of the second edition of the Med’innovant Africa  2020-2021 competition. Lead by Siham Meftahi, this young brand that promotes the empowerment of mamas at home through the kitchen was spotted by the jury who carefully examined the 183 applications sent from the four corners of the continent.

Organized by the Etablissement Public d’Aménagement Euroméditerranée (EPAEM) in Marseille as part of the Emerging Valley international summit, this event has already become unmissable for African Tech whose mission is to identify the carriers of innovative projects.

Thus, MaMiam stood out. Because this young Moroccan brand has taken upon itself the mission of supporting stay-at-home mamas in difficult situations by creating a professional integration program adapted around the kitchen while offering a catering service. MaMiaM thus promotes financial empowerment and restores confidence to these women marked by a tumultuous life and professional journey.