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“Mama”, Safia Tazi’s official debut song about love and motherhood (photos)

Written by FDM

November 10, 2021, marks the official release of Safia Tazi’s first single and music video. The event was celebrated the same day in Casablanca.

“Mama” is proof of a young woman’s love for her late mother. Written and composed by Safia Tazi, the singer expresses herself to her audience in all transparency, without concession, with gentleness and sensitivity.

Behind this song, above all, hides the love of a little girl for her mother, a mother who left too early. “I lost my mother when I was 12 and watched my life fall apart. I wasn’t prepared for her to leave so soon,” Safia said with great emotion.

This is when the sadness and pain transform into an energy and a willingness to surpass oneself. Music is, for Safia, her only escape route to express her anger but also to let her creativity overflow and gain strength. The music video features home videos of little Safia in her mother’s arms … a sad flashback but full of life.

Safia Tazi is a Moroccan singer-songwriter. Born in 1990 in Casablanca, Safia graduated from Kedge Business School. After her studies, Safia realizes that working behind an office is far from being her dream, she decides to dedicate herself to creating brand content alongside her fashion & lifestyle blog.

But beyond writing texts on fashion and beauty, Safia is above all an artist at heart. Since her earliest childhood, her dream has been to become an actress and singer.