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Malika Agueznay’s Exhibition at So Art Gallery

Written by FDM

From June 10th to July 2nd, So Art Gallery is presenting the long-awaited exhibition by artist Malika Agueznay. This exhibition will reveal classic works by the artist, as well as recent ones using different techniques.

As an accomplished visual artist, Malika Agueznay is both a painter, sculptor, and emeritus engraver, driven by a love of art and a keen sense of perfection. Her favorite sign, the seaweed, adapts to both canvas, wood, and engraving, a technique in which Malika seems to have found her happiness.

Malika Agueznay has never ceased to explore all the artistic potential offered by seaweed, she does so by manipulating painting and engraving and by using various media: frescoes, canvases, engravings on zinc, or copper.

 Malika Agueznay exhibition from June 10th to July 2nd, So Art Gallery. Casablanca.