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Malian Woman Gives Birth to 9 Babies in Morocco

Written by FDM

A young Malian woman has given birth to nine babies in Morocco. The mother had a Caesarean section: she and her children are in good health.

The young woman of Malian origin thought she was going to give birth to septuplets: she finally gave birth to nine babies on Tuesday, May 4. It was in a Moroccan hospital that the young woman gave birth to five girls and four boys. According to the spokesperson for the Moroccan Ministry of Health, Rachid Koudhari, this is a first in the country.

The young mother, named Halima Cissé, is from Timbuktu, in northern Mali. She had been taken care of in Bamako, before being transferred on March 30 to Morocco. The aim was to benefit from better pregnancy monitoring: an event which “is out of the ordinary” according to the terms of the Moroccan Ministry of Health.

Halima Cissé gave birth by cesarean section: “So far, the mother and the children are doing well,” said Minister of Health Fanta Siby, who uses the words of the Malian doctor who accompanied the mother to Morocco for her delivery . She also congratulated “the medical teams of Mali and Morocco, whose professionalism is at the origin of the happy outcome of this pregnancy”.