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Malhounyat Festival: tribute to the role of the Kingdom Academy in the preservation of Melhoune

Written by FDM

The curtain fell on Saturday, July 16, on the 10th edition of the “Malhounyat Azemmour” Festival, a music-cultural event, which recognized the Academy of the Kingdom for its role in the preservation of Melhoune.

At the closing ceremony of the 10th edition of the “Malhounyat Azemmour” Festival, a strong tribute was given to the Academy of the Kingdom, in the person of its Permanent Secretary, Pr. Abdeljalil Abdeljalil Lahjomri, in recognition of his crucial role in the preservation of Melhoune, an ancestral art that reflects the richness of Moroccan cultural heritage.

This tribute took the form of a symposium bringing together academics, researchers, and experts around the theme “The efforts of the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco to safeguard the heritage of Moroccan Melhoune”.

Speaking on behalf of the Permanent Secretary of the Kingdom’s Academy, Mohamed Noureddine Affaya, professor at Mohammed V University in Rabat, underlined the richness of Moroccan history and civilization, as well as the diversity of its heritage and its modes of artistic expression.

Moreover, the researcher and academic Abdessadek Salem, pointed out that the Melhoune, by its popular emanation, illustrates the psycho-sociological and civilizational characteristics of Moroccan society”. For university professor Mounir Beskri, the Melhoune is not just poetry, “but a show in its own right ”.

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