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Luxury Delicacies

Written by FDM

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan and after long months of absence due to the pandemic, Bateel, the brand specializing in premium quality Saudi dates, reopens its doors to offers many luxury delicacies.

Established in Casablanca for ten years, Bateel, the famous Saudi franchise of luxury dates, presents for the month of Ramadan a rich and diverse range of products, including premium dates, but also chocolate, pralines, and truffles, cakes made with the finest ingredients and other gourmet products.

To highlight its gastronomic creations, Bateel presents its organic dates and fine chocolates in the heart of soberly elegant cases, available in a rich and varied palette of materials, sizes, shapes, textures, and colors to meet all needs tastes, and all budgets.

Instagram: @bateelmaroc Bateel Casablanca, corner of Bab El Ifrane and Bab El Mendeb streets, Vélodrôme, Casablanca. Phone. : 05 22 94 05 18.