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#Lmeryoula, new single by Don Bigg and Ihab Amir

Written by FDM

Don Bigg is back in the spotlight with a new duet single with Ihab Amir, one of the most promising singers of his generation.

This new single pays tribute to a marginalized community, which lives in harmony within its premises. A social category that lives in the slums with only one hope is to be able to achieve their own dreams which are not necessarily the same ones that we all share.

”Through this song which is quite emotional and a dance track at the same time, we wanted to emphasize this social category which has been denigrated and marginalized since the 50s … The idea of the music video was to follow two young boys from a slum to make us live their daily lives with their own emotions, joys, fears, and sorrows, ” says Don Bigg.

#LMERYOULA was directed by the talented Mohamed Ali Laaouini. Distinguished guests, including Tarik Bakhari, Noureddine Bikr, Kamar Saadaoui (alias Hamaka), and Driss Diouri, responded to the casting of this music video alongside young people from “Douar Bih” in the district of Ain Sebaa.

To pay tribute to the inhabitants and young people of the slum who participated in the success of this project, Don Bigg and Ihab Amir have planned a projection on a giant screen at the filming location.

The song, released on July 23, will be available on YouTube and for download on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Anghami.