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Les Domaines Agricoles’s glass collection operation to support children in rural areas

Written by FDM

Les Domaines Agricoles, which launched an environmental and solidarity operation in 2013 through the collection of their used glass packaging, are now inviting their customers to strengthen this eco-responsible gesture.

The financial benefits of this operation will be doubled by the company, as in previous years, to support children in rural areas.

“Recycled glass is a glass full of promise”; that every citizen can consider for the respect of the environment and the support of the most deprived.

As part of its social and environmental responsibility policy, and in order to further support children in rural areas, today Les Domaines Agricoles invite their customers to strengthen their participation in this operation by depositing the glass packaging of “Les Domaines Agricoles” products, as well as all used glass without lids, in their stores in Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakech.

Moreover, the Domaines Agricoles have set up a dedicated logistics system, allowing efficient and safe collection, at the level of the entire network of Boutiques.