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Launch of the “Kitab” digital platform

Written by FDM

The “Kitab” digital platform, launched by the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, will make it possible to consult the most recent Moroccan works in Arabic and French. This initiative aims to promote reading.

This platform, which offers the possibility of downloading a national digital bibliography, in Arabic and French languages, from 1968 to 2020, includes the latest national publications and allows actors in this field to consult the latest statistics of publications in Morocco, according to areas of knowledge.

The “Kitab” platform is considered as a digital space that brings together the various stakeholders in the field of books on paper or digital media, such as publishers, writers, and readers, said the BNRM in a presentation around this initiative, adding that publishers and writers have the opportunity to present their publications to readers and researchers, who will be able to consult the content of the books through their summaries.

(With MAP)