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Launch of the ICESCO Prize for Female Poetry

Written by FDM

The Islamic World Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ICESCO) announces the launch of the ICESCO Prize for Female Poetry called “Women’s  Poem of the Year 2021”.

This is the start of the “Women’s  Poem of the Year 2021”. Organized by the ICESCO Arabic Language Center for Non-Arabic Speakers, this prize will be awarded to three laureates who will have their poems published in a dedicated collection.

An initiative that is part of ICESCO’s programs celebrating the Year of the Woman, which has been placed under the high patronage of HM King Mohammed VI. The goal is to contribute to the promotion of female poetry in classical Arabic (fus’hâ) and enrich the Arab library and the poetic scene with a myriad of quality poems, dealing with women’s issues, their concerns, their hopes, and their aspirations while consolidating the presence of women poets in Arab literary spheres.

To apply, submit a single poem in classical Arabic (shi’r ‘amûdi or hurr) which must consist of at least 20 lines (vertical form) or 30 lines (free form) respecting the taf’ila, with a subject related to women. At the end of the day, the winners will be rewarded $ 2,000, $ 1,500, and $ 1,000 depending on their ranking.

For more information or to apply (CV in addition to the poem):