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Launch of “Dakhla mall”, An International E-commerce Platform

Written by FDM

The Dakhla Mall E-commerce Marketplace was launched on June 01, 2021, in Dakhla with the aim of promoting high-quality Moroccan brands and promoting “made in Morocco” in Africa.

This new platform offers a wide choice of Moroccan products of very good quality. The wide range is available in furniture, decoration, fashion, beauty, perfumery, technology, telephones and accessories, books, construction equipment, allowing a pleasant shopping experience.

The platform has been designed according to the needs of African consumers, their purchasing behavior, and their motivations for choosing products, with a tree structure specifically adapted to purchasing categories, as well as a logistics platform allowing its partners to ”organize the shipping process for products ordered on the website within 24 hours.

Made In Morocco products will be available online in 11 African countries before the end of 2021. A catalog of delivery solutions adapted to each type of product, in Morocco or internationally, whether for parcels or bulky products, from even an efficient loyalty system, in order to guarantee better customer satisfaction.

Available on the website