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Launch of the Bidaya Incub 11th edition- Women Greenpreneur

Written by FDM

Bidaya welcomes the 11th promotion of startups supported by the Bidaya Incub program. This “Women Greenpreneur” promotion, dedicated to women entrepreneurs carrying a project with an environmental impact, enabled the selection of 10 projects.

Ten projects were selected following the call for applications launched by Bidaya. The jury made up of ten major players from the Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem (Pnud, Unops, IRESEN, CISE, NKOA and Bidaya) selected the following projects for strategic and tailor-made support for six months, based on the expertise and the national and international network of Bidaya. These are HexaSolutions, Natur’im, Atlas Bike, Eco’brique, Seconde Vie, Ada Mo ecologique simple, Le toit en vert, Tahrouyt Déco, Beni Antar Cooperative – Terre Brune and Papy Joe.

A set of criteria were put forward to select projects, such as the strength of the team, the environmental impact, the need for support, and the viability of the project.

Note that the selected projects will also have the opportunity to participate in a set of training and workshops and will have access to a co-working space located in the city center while respecting the health measures put in place in this particular situation. In addition, the Bidaya team will put project leaders in touch with key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to help them develop their startup.

Moreover, and in order to allow the ten selected projects to exchange ideas with each other and to discover the incubation program, an integration day is scheduled for November 19.