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Lamb crisp with almonds

Written by FDM

A succulent lamb tagine, slowly simmered, awakened by the sweetness of honey, almonds, and prunes. A true delight!


–  600 g of lamb shoulder meat

–  250 g of onions

–  100 g of blanched almonds

–  100 g of dried prunes

–  4 pastilla leaves

–  Salt, pepper

–  1 pinch of saffron

–  1 tablespoon of ginger

–  100 ml of honey

–  100 ml of table oil

–  10 g of ground cinnamon

–  1 piece of cinnamon stick

–  100 g of butter


Cook the meat like a lamb tagine with onions, prunes, almonds, spices, adding honey at the end of cooking. Let it reduce then remove the meat, shred and make up a mold or a dome with the almonds and prunes. Coat in a sheet of pastilla, pass a brushstroke on the ball and cut the rest of the sheet into thin strips, place it on the ball. Brown in the oven at 180 °. Arrange in the middle of the dish with a spoonful of reduced cooking juice.