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Lalla Hasnaa chaired the opening ceremony of the World Sacred Music Festival

Written by FDM

Princess Lalla Hasnaa chaired, last night in Fez, the opening ceremony of the 26th edition of the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, placed this year around the theme “Architecture and the sacred”.

Upon her arrival at the historic “Bab Makina” square, HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa reviewed a section of the Auxiliary Forces which paid the honors, before being greeted by the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, the wali of the Fez-Meknes region, governor of the prefecture of Fez, Essaid Zniber, the first vice-president of the Council of the Fez-Meknes region, Youness Er-Rafik, and the president of the Municipal Council of Fez, Abdeslam Bekkali.

Her Royal Highness was also greeted by the President of the Municipal Council Al Mechouar-Fès Jdid, Issam Filali Hammouz, and the President of the “Spirit of Fès” Foundation, Abderrafia Zouitene, as well as by the members of the Board of Directors of the “Spirit of Fez” Foundation.Subsequently, HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa joined the official gallery where Her Royal Highness followed the opening concert of this edition (June 9 to 12) hosting musicians from different traditions and displaying images projected on the secular walls of Bab Makina, through the five great religions of the world: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

An opening show, under the theme “Voices and sacred geometries”, offered a journey from Fez to Jerusalem via Tibet, the Taj Mahal, and Notre Dame Cathedral to end in Casablanca with the Hassan II Mosque.
Moreover, a hundred artists, sacred songs from Morocco belonging to the three monotheistic religions, the Indian qawwal, the Kathak dance which once told the deeds of the deities of the “sanātanadharma” (eternal law), and the Buddhist poems of Milarepa, all exalt a sacred which has succeeded in surmounting all the crises of Humanity until today.From the Gothic cathedral to the Hebrew synagogue, from the immaculate marble of Mongolian India to the clay zelliges of the imperial mosques of Morocco, the visible pays tribute to the invisible and traces the vertical axes between heaven and earth, the cosmos and nature.

The scenography for this opening night, designed and directed by Alain Weber, enhanced the appearance of renowned artists, including Françoise Atlan, who is the missing link in the Mediterranean inhabited by this multitude of musical currents, fruits of the most extraordinary migrations, and whose vocal expression is a crossing of Judeo-Arab and Berber history.

At the end of this inaugural concert, HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa was greeted by members of the artistic creation of the opening show.

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