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Laila Rouass launches the happiness platform in London

Written by FDM

Moroccan-British actress Laila Rouass has just launched WholeAndThenSome in London, a platform dedicated to happiness and well-being.

“After years of not loving my body and not feeling fulfilled or even happy, I realized that I, alone, could bring about the emotional change needed.” This was the statement by Laila Rouass, reported by Arab News magazine which announced the launch by the Moroccan-British actress of the WholeAndThenSome platform, dedicated to happiness and well-being.

To complete her project, Laila Rouass took a course on the science of happiness at Yale University. “Once you discover the science of your well-being, life becomes infinitely more balanced and much less scary,” she told Arab News, noting that the foundation of her teachings is self-compassion, because “without compassion for oneself, self-abuse takes on a force that becomes overwhelming and difficult to control”. Self-compassion also served as a common thread in her first workshop organized last Sunday.

Laila Rouass has previously presented many sold-out workshops on topics such as the ruling age, happiness after COVID, and happiness tips.

Known for playing the role of Sahira Shah in the BBC series Holby City, Laila Rouass plans to share happiness tips based on the science of well-being with her followers. She plans to organize regular webinars and workshops to promote this concept.