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Koun launches its “KOUN Ethnic-Chic” collection

Written by FDM

Koun, an ethical and ecological brand, launched in 2017 by Ressourc’In, the first Social Integration Company (ESI) in Morocco and a project of the Moroccan Association Al Ikram-Fondation Valyans, launches its new collection and invites the public at an ephemeral museum in Casablanca.

The Moroccan brand, which combines ethics and aesthetics, is launching its second and new capsule collection 2021 – 2023, thanks to the young people of its four workshops of recycled plastic, recycled paper, and cardboard, recycling through traditional weaving and ecological screen printing.

This new ethical and chic collection is part of the principle of slow fashion and the circular economy. Indeed, Koun unveils a few families of recycled products every two years. This second collection, now available, includes clothing for women, men, and children as well as interior design available in bathrooms, living rooms, and tableware. The collection also includes a set of games for adults and children as well as stationery and corporate products. Children’s fashion and ecological games are the newest introductions this year.

All the articles were produced by young people in precarious situations to whom Koun provided the training and skills necessary to integrate into the working life.

From January 29 to 31 in Casablanca, Koun invites the public to discover its unique exhibition space designed as a journey of the five senses and dedicated to its 2021 – 2023 capsule collection. It includes its ephemeral museum with discovery trail products, a sensory box to discover Koun’s inspiration with the five senses, and finally the “KOUN Happy Dance” space to take a step forward for the environment. This is a kid-friendly event.

Note that the launch of the new collection coincides with the end of Koun’s first partnership with the Drosos Foundation, which lasted more than four years. And for the rest of the adventure, Koun is still supported by the National Human Development Initiative (INDH), the European Union within the framework of the Moucharaka Mouwatina program, and by the MEDUP program with OXFAM and ENACTUS, and finally by the Secretariat State in charge of Sustainable Development.