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King Crab, with wasabi sauce

Written by FDM

Fancy a cuisine from elsewhere? Want to impress your guests? Try this tasty recipe with strong flavors.

(For 4 people)

–  2 pieces (600 g) of king crab legs
–  40 g of garlic “spicy sauce”
–  120 g of mayonnaise
–  2 g of powdered wasabi
–  6 sprigs of chives
–  2 yellow lemons
–  2 banana leaves


Cut the king crab legs in half lengthwise, being careful to cut only the shell, to keep the piece of meat whole. Spread a few milligrams of pre-moistened wasabi over the entire length of the half-shells. Divide the crabmeat in half lengthwise and cut it into three cm long sections, then replace the meat in the half-shells. Arrange the crab legs in a baking dish. Mix the garlic “spicy sauce” with the mayonnaise. Check that the mixture is homogeneous and not too runny. With a pastry bag, smoothly spread the sauce in waves over the crab meat.

Caramelize using a blowtorch, then bake for six minutes at 180 °C. During cooking, cut the lemons in half, then pan-fry for one minute without fat, flesh side down, until it turns brown.


Arrange the crab legs on a banana leaf. Cut the ends of the lemon halves (to make them fit on the plate), then place a lemon half on each plate. Sprinkle finely chopped chives on the legs.