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Kick-off of the Assilah International Cultural Moussem

Written by FDM

The summer session of the 43rd edition of the International Cultural Moussem of Assilah is dedicated to visual arts.

The Minister of Youth, Culture, and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, inaugurated on July 7 the summer session of the 43rd Assilah International Cultural Moussem.

Organized by the Assilah Forum Foundation, this festival continues until July 24th. On this occasion, the Minister kicked off several exhibitions in the various artistic spaces of the city. The collective exhibition of seven young zailachi artists at the “Diwan” gallery at the Palace of Culture or the exhibition of artists Moulay Youssef Elkahfai and Mostafa Maftah held at the Gallery of the Hassan II Center for International Meetings to name a few. The minister also inaugurated the exhibition “Les talents du Moussem” initiated by the children of Assilah. Minister Bensaïd also inaugurated the painting workshop which welcomes 12 Moroccan artists.

A breeding ground par excellence for artists, the city confirms its artistic vocation thanks to this annual event.

Note that the Moussem of Assilah is available this year in two sessions: the summer session which continues until July 24, and the autumn session scheduled from October 16 to November 5, and which will revolve around several meetings and conferences as part of the 36th session of the Al-Mouatamid Ibn Abbad Summer University.