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“Khali Mbara”, a Gnawa classic revisited with creativity

Written by FDM

The artists Fehd Benchemsi and Mehdi Nassouli took a classic from the Gnawi repertoire, “Khali mbara”, to make a creative clip with the participation of twenty Moroccan personalities.

“How about shooting a video remotely?”» Is the idea of actor and singer Fehd Benchemsi, with the help of musician Gnawi Mehdi Nassoul for the musical arrangements, and director, choreographer and man of the theater Abderrazak Zitouni for the video.

Each quarantined at home at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the trio had fun taking over and revisiting one of the classics of the Gnawa repertoire, “ Khali  Mbara”. The song puts in opposition Mbara, the brave handyman of modest condition, and “Sidi” and “Lalla”, the masters from high social classes, as described by the initiators in a press release.

 With retouched lyrics, “Khali Mbara” becomes a festive comedy whose clip was shot all over the world: Los Angeles, Casablanca, Paris, Cologne, Taroudant … to the remote village of Bir Ennasr, in the southern hills by Benslimane. “ Initially, it was a question of shooting a few illustrative scenes with friends but the enthusiasm generated by the project turned into a bonfire and attracted a cohort of guest-stars », They continue.
Among them, the singers Oum and Khadija Warzazia, the painter, sculptor, and writer Mahi Binebine, the actors Omar Lotfi, Latefa Ahrare, Samia Akariou, and Amal Atrache and Nezha Rahil, the TV host Younes Lazraq, the philosopher Ahmed Assid, the journalist Ahmed Benchemsi, the co-creator of the L’Boulvard festival …