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Jihane Kidari Features in “Ya Omri”, L7OR’s New Music Video

Moroccan rapper, L7OR, released, on Wednesday, August 18th, his latest track called “Ya Omri”,  along with a music video featuring Jihane Kidari.

With “Ya Omri”, L7OR (pronounced  Al-Hur) tackles disloyalty and betrayal in his own work of art filled with feelings of heartbreak in a professionally filmed video in which he is seen assassinated.The music video, directed by Redouan Akalay and featuring Moroccan actress Jihane Kidari, was able to exceed 1 Million views in less than 24 hours, and thus top the Moroccan Youtube trends to watch.

L7OR is famous for addressing touching and sad topics. Fans even gave him the nickname of ‘poet of sorrows’.