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Jaylann sings “Etranger” Feat Beathoven in new single

Because you never change a winning team, the singer with a soulful voice Jaylann released a new song featuring her one and only Beathoven.

“Etranger” ( foreigner in French) tackles the set of sentiments that one could experience while in a foreign country. Jaylann and Beathoven wished to dedicate this song to “Moroccans in particular and to Arabs, in general, all over the world”.
Like the previous featuring “Chi wqat”, “Etranger” portrays the feeling of “sad reminiscence”  with an RnB melody backed by a slow tempo hip hop beat. The song is composed by Jaylan, lyrics written by Beathoven under the production of Draganov, and the music video is directed by Alaa Edin Rais. Check it out above.