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Japanese salmon terrine

Written by FDM

Irresistible temptation: an original recipe that will take you on a trip to Japan.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

–  500g fresh salmon
–  3 small turnips
–  1 asparagus
–  500 g green beans
–  1 broccoli
–  3 peppers
–  Shiitake (Japanese mushroom)


Cook the vegetable al dente. Lightly grill the salmon with a blowtorch. Align the green parts of the leeks cut into strips in a terrine. Then arrange the rest of the vegetables, alternating them with the salmon fillets in the desired order. Close the leek slices and leave them to rest in the fridge for a day. Prepare a jelly with 200 ml of stock, 50 ml of soy sauce, 10 ml of lemon juice, and 9 g of gelatin. Apply a thin layer of jelly to the terrine before slicing and serving.