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Issam Releases His First Album “Crystal”

Written by FDM

Rap sensation, Issam, unveils his first album “Crystal.” For this opus, he notably sought help from Prince85, a Moroccan composer known for his work with The Weeknd.

After his hit single in 2018 “Trap Beldi”, now an emblematic piece in the Moroccan trap scene, and its participation in 2 tracks on the album NAAR, Issam, released his first album at Island Def Jam / Universal Musique France.

Tinged with melancholy and the feelings that animate it, the “Crystal” album is futuristic, nostalgic, and surreal. Issam evokes his passions, his past, with a particularly touching look at his childhood and on those moments that will never come back. For this first album, Issam collaborated with Prince85, a Moroccan composer known for his work with The Weeknd or 21 Savage, who signs a large part of the pieces, as well as producers Adam K and Taemintekken. Issam’s trap is delivered in Darija, with Raï accents.

Aesthetics-wise, Issam  – whose idols range from Cheb Hasni, Khaled to David Bowie, including Prince and Jimmy Hendrix – has created his own world. A unique and authentic visual universe as evidenced by the music video “Wra Tabi3a,” the first song from “Crystal”, released a few months earlier and for which Issam was responsible for the production and artistic direction.