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Investigation opens following the Covid-19 outbreak in Lalla Mimouna’s strawberry factories

Written by FDM

A judicial investigation was opened after the spread of Covid-19 within three red fruit packaging units in Lalla Mimouna, as just announced by the King’s Prosecutor at the Kenitra Court of Appeal.

The King’s Prosecutor at the Kenitra Court of Appeal has ordered the opening of a judicial investigation into the causes and circumstances of the spread of Covid-19 in three red fruit packaging units in the Lalla region Mimouna, province of Kenitra.

Entrusted to the national brigade of the Royal Gendarmerie, the investigation will thus determine the criminal offenses and responsibilities, having caused the contamination of several agricultural workers, in particular negligence, failure to take the measures necessary for their protection or non-compliance with laws and regulations, in particular the legal and organic provisions relating to preventive measures and barrier actions decided by the public authorities during the state of health emergency declared since March 20th, as explained by the public prosecutor’s office in a press release.
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