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Interior designer and architect Meryam Lahlou launches new brand of art furniture

Written by FDM

Meryam Lahlou, designer and interior architect launched her brand of art furniture. The showcase of her brand new collection took place in her workshop “ML Ateliers” (Meryam Lahlou Ateliers) which is located in the center of Casablanca.

Pushing materials to their last entrenchments and making maximum use of aesthetic canons is the creative approach that defines the work of Meryam Lahlou.

Very attentive to the escapes that art allows, very attentive to nature and its slightest subtleties, the designer makes use of her passion for painting and photography, and of course her deep knowledge of architecture and design. Meryam also favors experimental investigation and natural materials.

Through the choice of methods and materials she uses, the artist multiplies the references in her works, while constantly questioning accepted standards. Texture, shadows, reflections, energies, and lights are all avenues she likes to explore. Her creations are permanently immersed in a plural universe in which nature always reigns supreme. Her style comes down to the combination of several materials: from raw metal to wood, stone, concrete, marble…

Handcrafting takes precedence over everything else while leaving nature to perfect each work in its own way. Moreover, she advocates for the artisanal and manual approach, favoring the omnipresence of human experience and giving it primacy over everything else.

“This collection is the result of hard work that required countless hours of adjustments, reflections, designs, doubts, and failures, but also successes, all in the service of aesthetics and design. ‘a passion for forms and for art,’ said Maryam Lahlou. “This collection is also directly inspired by nature.  I am fascinated by nature. It is a divine work. Both unpredictable and authentic,” she added.