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Inspiring Arab Women highlighted in L’Oréal latest campaign

Written by FDM

Launched at the beginning of September, L’Oréal’s latest campaign highlights iconic figures and muses who have achieved great things, thanks to their work and their tenacity in a sometimes hostile world.

Strong, confident, and inspiring women, are some of the images conveyed by the latest L’Oréal campaign which highlights 9 Arab women from different backgrounds, and who have in common the desire to win and the will to knock out sexist clichés and stereotypes. The messages are positive and stimulating, reflecting the determination of these Arab power girls to always move forward, never wavering or giving up.

These emblematic figures are: the Lebanese Daniella Rahme (actress) and Nadine Hachach (plastic surgeon) the Egyptians Manal Rostom (athlete) and Yasmine Ghaith (cancer survivor), the Moroccans Kaoutar Boudarraja (model and host) and Leila Ghandi (journalist) ), Saudi women Rahha Moharrak (mountaineer) and Assel Omran (singer).

“If someone tells you that you can’t do it, prove them wrong”, said the young Arab women gathered in this campaign, while inviting women to always be the best version of themselves, and to prove that whatever the circumstances, they are unbeatable.