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Insaf is ever more engaged on Children’s Day

Written by FDM

For Children’s Day, Insaf is more engaged than ever in favor of children, especially the ones raised by single mothers.

June 25 is Children’s Day. Insaf will do everything they can, with the support of its partners,  to save all the babies abandoned by their mothers in the street. Insaf will continue to reconstruct and train single mothers so that they can face society and, instead of abandoning their babies, provide the emotional balance that children need in their life.

Insaf will continue to confront children’s employers to force them to return them to their parents so that they can go to school. And Insaf will help migrant mothers find alternative solutions so that they can regain their dignity in work and allow their children to grow like every other child in the world should.

Insaf hopes that after the crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19, problems relating to children will be discussed and resolved:
. That every single mother can have a family record book;
. That DNA tests can do justice to a child by recognizing the legitimate father;
. That the State allows associations to continue their mission by funding them properly;
. That new centers can come to the aid of these children in distress;
. That single mothers who cannot keep their babies can abandon them in the hospital and not drop them on the street.