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Inheritance system: 82% of Moroccans refuse any reforms

Written by FDM

A survey conducted by two NGOs reveals that more than 80% of Moroccans are in favor of maintaining the current inheritance system.

82% of Moroccans are resistant to any modification of inheritance rules governing the distribution of inheritance. The results of this survey, carried out by the Association of Moroccan Women for Research and Development (AFEMARD), and the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (OMDH) with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation, were revealed last Tuesday during a symposium organized at the University Mohammed V in Rabat.

The survey conducted in 2020 states that “1,200 Moroccan Muslims, representing public opinion in urban and rural areas” were interviewed. The study entitled “What do Moroccan men and women think of the Moroccan inheritance system?” thus collected and analyzed the opinions of Moroccans on very specific rules relating to inheritance, in particular the rule of the double share for the male sex, the rule of “Taâsib” and the rule of the difference of worship.

82% of respondents say they are opposed to any reform of the inheritance system. Most particularly women refuse any change. Thus the study shows that 84.5% of women, against 79.8% of men, declare that there is no reason to engage in a debate on gender equality.