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IKEA partners with Lebanese Designer Nada Debs for Stylish Ramadan Interior

Written by FDM

For the month of Ramadan, Ikéa teamed up with the Lebanese designer Nada Debs for her new LJUVARE collection. It is designed to revitalize the interiors’ energy, with stylish and trendy decor as a celebration of the holy month.

A bold blend of Middle Eastern design elements and Scandinavian style, the LJUVARE collection breaks the barriers of traditional Ramadan aesthetics. Soothing earthy tones of orange and cream, combined with shimmering gilding, create a modern festive vibe, while still being steeped in tradition.

Designed by world-renowned Lebanese designer Nada Debs, in collaboration with IKEA designer Paulin Machado, each piece has been designed for a “handmade” look.

For the Iftar, Sohour or a festive meal with friends, it creates the perfect atmosphere at home and goes perfectly well with the permanent IKEA range so that everyone can add their own touch to their interior.


LJUVARE floor cushion

Break the fast, sitting on the floor like yesteryear, lounging with the family for a cup of coffee, sitting down to rest and meditate on the day gone by… So many occasions when these vibrating floor cushions, paired with comfortable rugs will create a warm and hospitable environment to celebrate Ramadan festivities.

LJUVARE kava cup

Contemporary kava cups will surprise all guests, adding a modern touch to Ramadan traditions.

LJUVARE lantern for candle

Lovers of the more traditional Ramadan look can add an ornate touch with these antique lanterns to create a festive mood for the whole family.

LJUVARE embroidery cushion cover

These orange embroidered cushion covers add texture and mystery to the low seating arrangement, creating a refreshing new lounge look. Crafted from cotton sateen, the subtle soft finish exudes modern elegance, while the earthy orange hue pays homage to traditions.

LJUVARE Service support 3 gold levels

A modern interpretation of traditional serving dishes that will impress guests, whether for dining or coffee tables. The service stand is a festive way to serve all kinds of appetizers. The generous height of the serving stand also makes it a beautiful centerpiece of table decoration.