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“HOLM – حلم”, ICHTAH’s latest dance video creation

Written by FDM

With this new video entitled “HOLM – حلم” *, ICHTAH, the first agency dedicated to dance in Morocco, is paving the way for 2022 and pursuing its mission which is to promote Moroccan art thanks to the many existing talents.

From choreography to production through music or design, ICHTAH, the first agency dedicated to dance in Morocco, invites the whole world to dream by portraying the dreams of Moroccan artists, as depicted in their latest video titled “HOLM – حلم”.

ICHTAH has thus chosen to revive the abandoned site of Sidi Harazem, a Moroccan heritage, designed by the architect Zevaco and being renovated by the architect Aziza Chaouni, with the support of the MADI association which restores and activates architectural sites of Moroccan heritage. This site has been enhanced by a talented Moroccan director, Amira Azzouzi, who has a particularly pronounced taste for content with an artistic dimension.

The music was also produced especially for this creation, taking again the sound of the thermal spring of Sidi Harazem which accompanies, by ricochets, the various styles of dance in coherence with the multidisciplinarity of the talents of ICHTAH (percussion for afro, piano for the classic and the sustained beat of Blaze for the hiphop dance).


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