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Hind Chaouat unveils the installation “At Tine wa Azzaytoune” at Artspace

Written by FDM

A new installation by the artist Hind Chaouat will be hosted from September 23 to October 8, 2020, at the Artspace in Casablanca. Divided into one photo “At Tine” and two videos “Azzaytoune L” and “Azzaytoune R”, the installation invites you to a moment of grace in appreciation of nature’s beauty.

The Artspace has chosen a unique format for this installation: facing the window of this art space, the viewer travels to the heart of nature. Image and music, intimately linked, in this desire to question and celebrate nature reveal an installation composed of two videos in the same format, which go in the opposite direction: Left and Right. On the other side of the INTERFACE stands an installation of 3 life-size olive trees. In their center, a static photo of the fig tree “At Tine” (in Arabic), in real size.

The artist Hind Chaouat made this installation in two stages. The video was filmed in Fez a year before the lockdown as part of an artist residency on the theme of permaculture. “I wanted to emphasize our relationship to time, which is not at all the same when we are free and we have it as we see fit vs. when we are confined and endure it as if it were for eternity. The spectator will also be able to feel this discomfort that we felt at the very beginning of the deconfinement, once our freedom was restored to us but we still could not know if time is passing or if it was still frozen”, explains the artist.

“At Tine” is a photograph taken after several weeks of lockdown. Destined to be removed and planted in the middle of nature, the shrub ends up undergoing the same treatment as humans, stuck on the small apartment balcony in the heart of a city which itself is cut off from the world and especially from nature.

Visual installation, day and night hours, excluding curfew hours
2 Rue Hounaine, Casablanca