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Hicham Lahlou Launches the Africa Design Organization

Written by FDM

Moroccan designer Hicham Lahlou announces the creation of the Africa Design Organization. The goal? Make Morocco a continental Hub for the promotion of Made in Morocco and Made in Africa.

Inspired by the vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI who wants to make South/South cooperation an effective mechanism for the inclusive and sustainable development of Africa for Africa, ADO aims to federate at the national, continental, and international levels by the transversality of design to all areas, explains the organization in a press release.

The new structure’s main ambitions are to make the Kingdom of Morocco a continental hub, a “Designopolis”, and to promote Made in Morocco and Made in Africa, as specified. It is also a question of promoting 100% Design education and teaching in universities and encouraging the creation of schools and academies in this essential field promoting economic growth and youth, adds the same source, noting that the design is part of the vision of the New Development Model of the Kingdom of Morocco initiated by His Majesty, King Mohammed VI.

ADO, which already brings together co-founders from Morocco and elsewhere, will be the spokesperson and standard bearer of design in its transversality in Africa and internationally, with bilateral and multilateral diplomacy as an essential base,” reads the press release.

The creation of this organization comes at a time when the 7th anniversary of the pan-African platform Africa Design Days held in 2015 in Rabat and Casablanca and the 8th anniversary of the Africa Design Award (First Pan-African Design Prize) launched in 2014 in Libreville in Gabon, recalls the press release, adding that these two platforms have constituted recognized pan-African projects, which have contributed to the influence of Africa in the world.

The relaunch of these two events will take place in 2023, with a rich program of conferences and exhibitions through a new initiative bringing everything together, namely “Africa Design Summit”, according to the same source.