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“Haut et fort” Awarded the Positive Cinema Prize in Cannes

Written by FDM

Critics were full of praise for Nabil Ayouch’s feature film “Haut et fort” (Casablanca Beats), which was in the official competition at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was granted the Positive Cinema prize.

Acclaimed and applauded for a long time by the audience after its screening, the film “Casablanca Beats” by Nabil Ayouch left an excellent impression on all those who had the opportunity to watch it.

An exemplary journey for this film which carried the colors of Morocco loud and clear and obtained the prize for positive cinema. Nabil Ayouch also received the Best Achievement in Cinema award, recognition for his entire career, which was awarded to him by the humanitarian organization Union-Life International.

It’s also been a prideful journey for the young artists who lived a magical week in Cannes: Anas Basbousi, Ismail Adouab, Meriam Nakkach, Nouhaila Arif, Zineb Boujemaa, Abdou Basbousi, Amina Kannan, Mehdi Razzouk, Samah Barigou and Sophia Akhmisse.