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“Hana” Exhibition Arrives To Casablanca Through American Arts Center

Written by FDM

After conquering the public in Tangier, the “Hana” exhibition by painter Ilias Selfati will adorn the walls of the American Arts Center in Casablanca from October 20, 2022.

The American Arts Center, the new art temple in the heart of the Gauthier district, is hosting works by Selfati, the most Spanish Moroccan artist starting October 20, 2022.

Founder and director of Gallery Kent in Tangier, Aziza Laraki provided the center with a selection of thirty works on paper with strength and delicacy that illuminates the white space.

Selfati’s watercolors bloom and fade, revealing a certain tenderness as well as the scent of New York Expressionists and Japanese prints. The scenography, signed Kristi Jones, juxtaposes the works with an exploration of the hidden side of this great artist.

Hana, “bloom” in Japanese, is exhibited at the American Arts Center until mid-November.

American Arts Center
2 rue Khalil Matrane (ex-Balzac)
Gauthier district
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