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Google Pays Tribute to Haja El Hamdaouia With a Doodle

Written by FDM

The Google search engine pays tribute, this Friday, October 28, to the Moroccan diva Haja El Hamdaouia by displaying a “doodle” across the entire MENA region.

Today’s Doodle celebrates Moroccan singer and cultural icon Haja El Hamdaouia. The star of Moroccan chaabi music influenced multiple generations of artists with her innovative style.” Reads a statement from Google.

She wasn’t afraid to push boundaries as seen in 1959 when Haja had the idea to sing in front of a makeshift orchestra, continued the same source. During this time, she created some of her most popular songs like “Daba Yji” and “Jiti Majiti”, which took on the subjects of femininity and love.

Thank you, Haja El Hamdaouia, for singing your heart out time and time again.” Concluded Google.

The revolutionary and feminist icon died on April 5, 2021, at the age of 91, leaving behind a monumental legacy.