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Golf: Inès Laklalech joins Maha Haddioui on the Ladies European tour

Written by FDM

This is a great consecration for Moroccan golfer Inès Laklalech. She got her access card for the Ladies European Tour (LET).

“After 5 laps of the + Qualifying-School + final of the Ladies European Tour (LET), Inès Laklalech obtains her access card with a full category thanks to a tied 15th place and a cumulative score in the Par “, announces the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation in a press release. The amateur player from the High-Level pole of the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation will join Maha Haddioui on the European Women’s Tour during the 2022 season.

Lina Belmati is another Moroccan player on the tour. With Inès Laklalech, Lina was among the 128 qualified for this final which was disputed in 5 rounds with a cut. Unable to cross the cut, Lina Belmati obtained a partial category and will access some LET tournaments and all those of LET ACCESS 2nd  European division.