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A gold record for Moroccan rapper ElGrande Toto

Written by FDM

Moroccan rapper ElGrande Toto received a gold record for the Moroccan version of “Love Nwantiti” by Ckay.

The young Moroccan rapper ElGrande Toto, whose real name is Taha Fahssi, continues to be the talk of the town. The one who has accumulated more than 30 million streams on Spotify has just won a gold record for the Moroccan version of the title “Love Nwantiti” by Ckay. The hit released in 2020 recorded over 109,995,415 streams on Spotify.

The gold record was given to ElGrande by his team during his showcase at Mégarama, which sold out in 5 days. Aged 26, ElGrande Toto thus becomes the first Moroccan artist to win a gold record.