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Gabriel Banon presents “Mélodies de la vie” in Casablanca (photos)

Written by FDM

The multidisciplinary cultural café “Papers Club Casablanca” hosted Monday, December 20 a meeting with Gabriel Banon for his book: “Mélodies de la vie”.

This trilogy tells the story of three characters who walk towards their destiny. The author sometimes humorously attempts to provide answers to the phenomena experienced by the heroes of these three short stories. The reader is taken into the Iranian regime of the Mullahs, and the functioning of Western intelligence services. The author reveals the techniques of recruitment and influence of these Services and does not hesitate to use the language of animals. This trilogy asks the questions that a worried, or simply curious, citizen whispers to himself.

The moderation of the meeting with Gabriel Banon was entrusted to the host Tarik Ngadi.
Gabriel Banon is an economist and economic advisor to several heads of state. From the start of the Middle East peace process, he was called to the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat (1994-2004). Columnist on radio and television, lecturer, international consultant, he was elected in 2013, geopolitician of the year by a panel of specialized journalists in Geneva in March 2014.