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Fuzia, A Platform That Empowers Women Through Their Creativity

Written by FDM

What started as a book club, has evolved into a true online platform that empowers women around the world through their creative abilities. Led by Riya Sinha and Shraddha Varma, Fuzia is an online community with 4.5 million global users. Interview.

What is Fuzia’s mission?

Founded by Riya Sinha and Shraddha Varma, Fuzia was created with an aim to provide a safe digital space for all artists where they can learn, experiment, grow and showcase all of their creations. We aim to empower women through art and culture. The platform has generated a lot of enthusiasm. Today, Fuzia boasts of a community strength of 4.5 million users worldwide besides having 50,000 active contributors spread across 35 different countries. We are one of the largest creative women’s communities online. And thanks to our hard work and commitment, we were awarded the “Iconic Teen Entrepreneur and Innovator” at the Women Economic Forum.

Since 2020, the year of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the art sector has been strongly affected. How has your platform been able to support its members scattered around the world?

We have extended our hand in priority to the women in greatest difficulty. We offered them help through donations, online courses, etc. On this occasion, we reinforced our online sessions on relevant topics such as finance or networking, with industry leaders who unfurl the most practicable insights of their respective domains. Besides, Fuzia being a creative platform, we have decided to maintain our engagement with our community through various contests and competitions, thus helping many women to immerse themselves in their art and creativity despite the heavy stress caused by the pandemic.

How can Moroccan women benefit and contribute to your platform?

We would love to give them a voice. Through Fuzia, they can showcase their talents to a global community of millions. As “Fuziate”, they can also consume the range of content that we put out to our community. For example, “Fuzia Talent” and “Fuzia Wellness” work towards making women financially independent and maintain their physical and mental conditions as well.

What is the ultimate goal of the platform?

We aim to empower women but also to eradicate all kinds of disparities so as to thrive in an inclusive and safe world. Women around the world must be able to express themselves freely. For us, that would be our greatest achievement as a community.

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