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Frosted Baklava

Written by FDM

A traditional oriental dessert signed by Chef Akrame, restaurant Shirvan Café Métisse, Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech.


–  100 g of sugar

–  150 g of honey

–  75ml of water

–  120g egg white

–  500 g whipped cream

–  300 g walnuts

–  75g dried apricots

–  40g pistachio

–  20 cl of rose water


Boil the water, with sugar, and honey to 123°C. Pour over the egg whites and whisk until cool. Then mix with the whipped cream, and finish with the rose water, the roasted walnuts and pistachios, and the diced apricots.

Butter the cake tin and the pastry sheets and spread 3 sheets in the bottom of the tin. Pour half of the mixture over it. Cover with 2 brick sheets then pour over the rest of the preparation and cover with the last 3 brick sheets. Cover the cake with foil so that it does not dry out and put it in the oven at 180°C (thermostat 6) for 25 minutes. Unmold and let cool. Decorate with pistachios and edible flowers.