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France: Emmanuel Macron re-elected President of the Republic

Written by FDM

Emmanuel Macron was re-elected, Sunday, April 24, 2022, as President of the French Republic with 58.55% of the votes cast.

Emmanuel Macron becomes at only 44 years old a president of the French republic for the second term. A form of achievement after a turbulent first five-year term chanted by crises, from “yellow vests” to Covid, which places the country in continuity on its main economic orientations, its role in the European Union, and in international relations.

The president-candidate has already promised to renew himself in-depth, both in form and in substance. A necessity at the head of a France cut in half, or even in three in view of the number of voters among the 48.7 million called to the polls who chose to shun the voting booths on Sunday, in this 2017 remake organized while the three school zones are on vacation.

Coming to power 5 years ago “by breaking in”, in his own words, Macron continues his meteoric personal trajectory, both classic (ENA, finance inspection, Minister of the Economy, etc.) and unclassifiable in a political landscape that he blasted. But he, who had promised on the evening of his victory in May 2017 to “do everything” so that voters “no longer have any reason to vote for the extremes” did not succeed in curbing the rise of Marine Le Pen. The candidate of the National Rally, who had gathered 33.9% of the vote in 2017, is progressing significantly at the end of a long-term and smooth campaign. Ms. Le Pen, who has relied heavily on purchasing power to stand out, will have managed to smooth her image, without giving in to the radicalism of her project on immigration or security.

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