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“Fragilitas”, an exhibition on the fragility of life

Written by FDM

The Espace Expressions CDG hosted, Thursday, May 26 in Rabat, the opening of the collective exhibition “Fragilitas”, which brings together twelve Moroccan artists, for an in-depth exploration of the essence and the twists and turns of the fragility of life.

“Fragilitas” is the name of the collective exhibition which brings together twelve great Moroccan artists who evoke the fragility of life. “The theme of the exhibition finds a particular resonance in these troubled times, weakened by two years of the epidemic, shaken by conflict, and shaken by the widening of inequalities and climate change”, declared the director-general of the CDG Foundation, Dina Naciri, in the booklet published on the occasion of the holding of the exhibition “Fragilitas”. “This collective exhibition, which brings together twelve artists from diverse expressions and backgrounds, confronts their old works with their recent creations in the register of fragility”, explained the co-curator of the exhibition Amine Boushaba to the MAP.

Among the artists, Amina Benbouchta, Hicham Benohoud, Déborah Benzaquen, Mahi Binebine, Imane Djamil, Khadija El Abyad, Safae Erruas, Majida Khattari, Mohamed Mourabiti, Ilias Selfati, Abderrahim Yamou and Fatiha Zemmouri.

An exhibition to discover until June 25 at Espace Expressions CDG.

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