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Food supplements: Advice from Nabil Ayachi

Written by FDM

Combining well-being and nutritional balance, Forever living products accompanies our Ramadan tables for optimized fasting. The brand thus invites digestive comfort, vitality, and full vitamins thanks to 3 products that promote the elimination of fats and sugars.

First on the list, is the Forever Fiber. These individual sachets of powder based on soluble fibers and with a neutral taste are the ally of the microbiota par excellence. They help improve transit, often undermined by overconsumption of white flour. This product can be added to a glass of water or juice, when breaking the fast, with visible effects from the first days.
Next comes Forever Supergreens, a blend of 20 varieties of fruits and vegetables, not including Aloe Vera. Sold in the form of sticks, it provides the body with nutrients and mineral salts necessary for its proper functioning. To be diluted in a smoothie, a dairy product, or simply in water to discover its delicious strawberry/raspberry aroma.

Finally, Forever Aloe drinks for enriched hydration. Marketed in a 330ml tetra pack format, these juices combine the virtues of the miracle plant with other ingredients (peach, white grape, apple, cranberry, etc.). They come in 3 versions: Forever Aloe Vera Pulp, Forever Aloe Peaches, and Forever Aloe Berry Nectar. Their Aloe content of between 84.5% and 99.7% helps strengthen the immune defenses and fight against fatigue after a long day of abstinence. Note that the packaging allows preservation of quality and taste 30 days after opening the bottles, and remains 100% recyclable.

“In general, taking food supplements during the month of Ramadan is very beneficial. The body’s reserves are called upon, we spend even more energy and in the evening we tend to opt for too copious dishes. Ingesting fibers, vitamins and minerals help to maintain a balance and avoid dangerous deficiencies ” specifies Doctor Nabil Ayachi, dietitian and nutritionist.