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First Cultural Week Kicks Offs in Tetouan

Written by FDM

The 1st edition of the Summer Cultural Week, organized at the initiative of the Tetouan Asmir association and the Zoubida Afilal association, opened on Saturday evening in Tetouan.

The opening ceremony of this cultural event, whose work will continue until August 20, saw the exhibitions of products from the city of Tetouan, including sewing and embroidery, traditional tiling, plastic art and local products.

This event aims to present the old medina of Tetouan, its cultural heritage and the particular architecture of its historic houses, while emphasizing the specificity of the artistic and cultural expressions of the city of the White Dove, as well as its tangible and intangible heritage.

The program of the cultural week includes the organization of a number of activities and exhibitions, with the participation of ten artists, who will focus on the heritage of the old medina of Tetouan, said Mhammed Benaboud, vice-president of the Tetouan Asmir association.

An exhibition of black and white photos around the heritage of the old medina of Tetouan will also be set up by a Colombian architect, as part of this event.

Conferences and virtual meetings are on the program, with the participation of specialists in the restoration of the heritage of European cities, and also working on projects in Tetouan.

Exhibition spaces are set up within the city’s most famous historical and tourist sites, in which, among other things, works of contemporary art, local products and crafts, and traditional outfits will be presented.