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Here are the figures of violence against women registered in 2019

Written by FDM

The HCP confirms the persistence of violence against women in Moroccan society, through the results of its national survey on violence against women and men in 2019. Here are the figures and data to remember:

  • More than 8 in 10 women aged 15 to 74 have experienced at least one act of violence in their lifetime.  83.1% in urban areas and 81.6% in rural areas.
  • The marital home remains the living space most marked by violence with 46.1% or 5.3 million female victims.
  • Psychological violence remains the most widespread form of violence with a prevalence rate of nearly 47.5%, or 6.4 million women who suffer from it.
  • 1.9 million women were victims of economic violence (prevalence rate of 14.3%), 1.8 million of sexual violence (13.6%), and 1.7 million of physical violence (12.9%). As for cyber violence, it affects nearly 1.5 million women (13.8%).
  • Sexual harassment is the main act of violence against women in a public place. It alone represents 50% of all sexual violence experienced by women, all areas combined.
  • Forced union (or without consent) concerns 3.9% of women.
  • More than one in 20 women have suffered sexual abuse during their childhood, mostly perpetrated by someone they know.
  • Women’s economic autonomy and their involvement in civic life reduce the risk of exposure to domestic violence.
  • One in two victims shares their experience of violence with their loved ones and only one in 10 reaches out to competent authorities.
  • Half of the women view domestic violence as a private matter.
  • Exposure to domestic violence is not an isolated phenomenon and affects a large number of children. The results of the survey show that domestic violence has repercussions on children’s health and their psychosocial development. Thus, around 16% of women victims of domestic violence declared that their children (5-18 years old) presented health problems: 40.4% of them mentioned isolation and grief, 32.4% chills, anxiety attacks or epilepsy, 21.5% nightmares, and 22.4% bedwetting.
  • The overall cost of the violence is estimated at 2.85 billion Dh. Indeed, as explained by the HCP, the economic costs of violence represent a cost for society as well, through its health system, its social support services, its legal system, its budgets allocated to the development of policies or action plans to combat violence against women and the loss of economic output only for individuals and households through their spending to access various services, loss of income due to the ‘stoppage of work and termination of unpaid domestic work.
  • Violence against women within the couple cost 24% of victims who had to bear it directly and/or indirect costs, 1.98 billion Dh during the 12 months preceding the survey (1, 67 billion DH for physical violence and 308 million DH for sexual violence).
  • 72.8% of women consider that violence against women has increased over the past five years. When it comes to violence against children, 69% of women feel an increase in the past five years.
  • The survey also shows a lack of knowledge of Law 103-13 by more than half of women …