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FIFM: Tribute to Tilda Swinton, Farida Benlyazid, James Gray, and Ranveer Singh

Written by FDM

The Marrakech International Film Festival will pay tribute to four great personalities in recognition of their brilliant careers. On this occasion, Scottish actress Tilda Swinton, American filmmaker James Gray, Moroccan director Farida Benlyazid and Indian superstar Ranveer Singh will receive the Festival’s Gold Star.

A unique actress in the world’s cinematographic landscape, Tilda Swinton has built one of the most prodigious and unique filmographies of recent decades, alternating roles in demanding auteur films and Hollywood blockbusters.

A true pioneer of Moroccan cinema, Farida Benlyazid has many accomplishments to her credit, which have made her a central figure in national cinema. She is the first Moroccan woman to embark on the production of a film. An accomplished screenwriter who has written several classics such as “Poupées de roseaux”, “Badis”, and “À la recherche du mari de ma femme”, and the director of works tackling questions of spirituality, the place of women in society, and the quest for justice and truth.

Discovered in the 90s with his first film, Little Odessa, which he directed at the age of 25, James Gray immediately made a name for himself as a promising filmmaker, among the most gifted of his generation. Brilliant heir to New Hollywood, erudite cinephile, he is the author of a naturalistic and intimate work, traversed by filial and romantic relationships, outsider characters, and existential choices.

In the space of a decade, Ranveer Singh has enjoyed a lightning rise and established himself as one of Bollywood’s most talented actors and a star whose popularity extends beyond his country’s borders.