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Famous Chef Najat Kaanache Offers Unique Dining Experiences at Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay

Written by FDM

This summer, the illustrious NUR restaurant will be located exclusively within the prestigious Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay, offering a contemporary and creative approach to traditional Moroccan gastronomy.

Served in an artistic and modern way, the dishes that will be offered at Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay will be delicately concocted by Najat Kaanache, owner and chef of the NUR restaurant in Fez.

Najat is the most critically acclaimed female chef, both in Europe and throughout the United States and Latin America. Chef Najat applies various techniques that she learned abroad from world-famous chefs with whom she worked, before beginning to take an interest in the cuisine of her Moroccan ancestors. Today, Najat shines the spotlight on Moroccan gastronomy; it pays homage to the proud cultural and agricultural diversity of Morocco.

Commenting on Najat’s countless culinary talents, Gordon Ramsey, Michelin Star Chef, and Celebrity Chef said: “Najat is one of the most talented chefs I have ever met. She has an incredibly vast knowledge of Moroccan cuisine, I was impressed by her culinary talents which I had the chance to discover during the filming of the Gordon Ramsey Uncharted program of National Geographic”.

Najat grew up in the Basque Country of Spain with her family. She first studied theater and cinema in Madrid and London for two and a half years, before deciding to follow her heart by moving to the Netherlands, and start working as an independent chef first, then soon after joining the Frankfurt team. She then worked in the most prestigious restaurants on the planet.

The NUR restaurant will be open every evening to its customers where they can taste, in an elegant and luxurious setting, many creations delicately prepared by Chef Najat Kaanache.