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Fadewelos or Graoujes

Written by FDM

This recipe comes directly from Moroccan Jewish culinary heritage. Taken from Maguy Kakon’s book, it requires a little technicality, but the result is stunning.


–  1 kg of flour
–  2 eggs
–  1 eggshell of oil
–  1 eggshell of water
–  1 packet of baking powder
–  1 pinch of sugar
–  1 pinch of salt
–  Icing sugar for decoration


In a terrine, put the flour, mix it with the yeast, make a well in the center, add the eggs, the shell of oil and the shell of water, the pinches of sugar and salt, and mix everything until obtaining a smooth homogeneous paste.

Divide into 5 or 6 pieces and enter each small pile at the Italian machine (the one used to make fresh pasta).

Lengthen the pile of dough as much as possible, cut it into wide strips, long enough and as thin as possible if necessary, in addition to the machine, refine them with a rolling pin.

Fry each strip in very hot oil, rolling it on itself with a fork. Drain and roll immediately in icing sugar. Store in a tightly closed tin.