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FACEMAG opens a high-end store for its XXL porcelain tile collection

Written by FDM

FACEMAG inaugurated a flagship store, the brand’s first representative space, dedicated to its avant-gardist XXL porcelain tile collection.

Thanks to the exclusive collaboration agreement concluded last year with the Italian manufacturer ABK allowing the marketing in Morocco of very large tiles, FACEMAG (Earthenware and Ceramics from the Maghreb), Moroccan leader in the industrial manufacture of tiles since over forty years old, is opening its flagship store, FACEMAG L’Atelier, the brand’s first representative space, entirely dedicated to its high-end XXL tile collections under the co-branding FACEMAG XXL by ABK.

It is a 300 m2 showroom, a manifestation for the innovative spirit and cutting-edge know-how of the group located in the heart of Casablanca, in the fashion and lifestyle district, on the very select avenue Mohamed Sijelmassi.

Architects, decor designers, and individuals can now discover these very large slabs which revolutionize the field of possibilities in terms of coatings designed for floors and walls. At the heart of this luxurious custom-made showcase, architecture and decor enthusiasts will also be able to benefit from numerous tips and services to facilitate the choice and implementation of these inspiring, contemporary and avant-garde coatings in different types of applications, residential or commercial, indoor or outdoor.

FACEMAG L’Atelier by ABK, 14, avenue Mohamed Sijelmassi, Triangle d’or, Casablanca.
Phone : 05 22 26 41 29.
Facebook & Instagram – FacemagXXL